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Title: Британська Рада як інструмент публічної дипломатії Великої Британії
British Council as an Instrument of Public Diplomacy of Great Britain
Authors: Трофименко, Микола Валерійович
Keywords: Британська Рада
публічна дипломатія
культурна дипломатія
культурні відносини
Форін Офіс
уряд Її Величності
офіційна допомога з метою розвитку
The British Council
public diplomacy
cultural diplomacy
cultural relations
Foreign Office
Her Majesty’s Government
official assistance for development
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: У роботі автор розглядає діяльність Британської Ради як унікального інструменту публічної дипломатії Сполученого Королівства. Окрема увага приділяється статусу Британської Ради, яка одночасно має статус незалежної від уряду організації та знаходиться під впливом останнього через особливості призначень керівництва Ради, фінансування тощо.
Public diplomacy of Great Britain is one of the most developed in the EU and in the world. The United Kingdom has developed an extremely efficient public diplomacy mechanism which includes BBC World Service (which due to its popularity boosts the reputation and the image of Great Britain), Chevening Scholarships (provides outstanding foreign students with opportunity to study in Great Britain and thus establishes long-lasting relations with public opinion leaders and foreign countries elite) and the British Council, which deals with international diplomatic ties in the field of culture. The British Council is a unique organization. Being technically independent, it actively and efficiently works on consolidating Great Britain’s interests in the world and contributes to the development of public diplomacy in Great Britain. The author studies the efforts of the British Council as a unique public diplomacy tool of the United Kingdom. Special attention is paid to the role of British Council, which is independent of the governing board and at the same time finds itself under the influence of the latter due to the peculiarities of the appointment of Board’s officials, financing etc. The author concludes that the British Council is a unique organization established in 1934, which is a non-departmental state body, charitable organization and public corporation, technically independent of the government. The British Council, thanks to its commercial activities covers the lack of public funding caused by the policy of economy conducted by the government. It has good practices in this field worth paying attention by other countries. It is also worth mentioning that the increment in profit was getting higher last year, however the issue of increasing the influence of the government on the activities of British Council is still disputable. Although the Foreign Minister officially reports to the parliament on the activities of the British Council, approves the appointment of the leaders of organizations, the British Council preserves its independence of the government, which makes it more popular abroad, and makes positive influence on the world image of Great Britain. The efficiency of the British Council efforts on fulfilment of targets of the United Kingdom public diplomacy is unquestionable, no matter how it calls its activities: whether it is a cultural relations establishment or a cultural diplomacy implementation.
Description: Трофименко М. В. Британська Рада як інструмент публічної дипломатії Великої Британії / М. В. Трофименко // Історико-політичні проблеми сучасного світу : зб. наук. ст. / Чернів. нац. ун-т ім. Юрія Федьковича, Ф-т історії, політол. та міжнар. відносин, Каф. міжнар. відносин. – Чернівці : Рута, 2017. – Т. 35–36. – С. 305–312.
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