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Title: Development potential of transcontinental integration
Authors: Bulatova, Olena
Keywords: global regionalization
regional integration
transcontinental integration
regional integration associations
regional economic integration models
Issue Date: 2014
Abstract: The article determines and analyzes transcontinental integration as a new trend in the development of integration processes in the modern world economy. It examines the potential for its development in the context of European, North American and Asia-Pacific models of regional integration. The author suggests a new scientific and methodological approach to evaluating the potential of regional integration development based on its integral index which includes the influence of the external and internal factors of integration development. Its application in comprehensive comparative analysis of the integration development potential allows the researcher to define comprehensive and quantitative characteristics of regional integration processes occurring in the world economy within the framework of certain regional models.
Description: Bulatova O. Development potential of transcontinental integration / O. Bulatova // Journal of European Economy : Publication of Ternopil National Economic University. – 2014. – Vol. 13 (3). – P. 246–268.
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