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Title: Метаэтическая доминанта русской литературы в историческом освещении: монография
Authors: Просцевичус, Владислав Эдуардович
Issue Date: 2014
Abstract: Монография посвящена описанию источника саморазвития неутилитарного высказывания в историко-литературном контексте русской литературы ХІ–ХХ веков. Актуальность работы обусловлена доминированием гуманитарных методологий, ориентированных на вторичность эстетических феноменов по отношению к этико-познавательным контекстам. Все методологии такого типа тяготеют к рассмотрению художественного высказывания как результирующего эффекта разрешения этико-познавательных конфликтов. В монографии обосновывается методологический приоритет поэтического высказывания по отношению к проектам, ориентированным на преобразование соответствующих этических и познавательных ценностных парадигм.
This study is devoted to the description of the source of self-generation of the non-utilitarian utterance in the historical and literary contexts of Russian literature in XIth-XXth centuries. Topicality of the study is determined by the dominance of humanitarian methodologies that are focused on the derivativeness of aesthetic phenomena in relation to ethical and cognitive contexts. All these methodologies consider artistic expression as an effect of the resolution of ethical and cognitive conflicts. This study substantiates a methodological priority of the poetic utterance in relation to the projects focused on transformation of ethical and cognitive paradigms. The author suggests that this source consists in the event of the reversion of the metaphor, made possible due to the arbitrariness of the fundamental connection between the sound and the meaning. Stability of language as a means of interpersonal communication is based on the illusion of the irreversibility of a metaphorical correlation within the word. This correlation captures the value-disequilibrium of its components. This value imbalance can be explained by the correlation "whole-part" that is hidden in the metaphor. The imperative validity of this correlation determines cognitive and ethical priorities: knowledge progresses by identifying something as part of a "new" whole; man is moral insofar as he/she realizes him/herself as being a “part" of the social whole, or community. The language in its oral form represents the milieu for the stabilization of cognitive and ethical priorities. Literature as a language in its written (unintonated) implementation is a medium that calls for super efforts within the language which facilitate its self-conquering and, therefore, its development. The event of metaphor’s reversion becomes possible precisely within the confines of the artistic utterance. This event problematizes the imaginary irreversibility in the “part – whole” system and actualizes in consciousness the “whole – whole” correlation as an ideal ratio of values since this ratio releases the speaking subject from the role-determination. The study defines the role-determination as psychologically intelligible limitation by a wide range of external circumstances – from sex and nationality to most intimate emotional manifestations. The experience of the "whole – whole" system takes place in an effort to achieve the pre-role determination inasmuch as the role-determination presents an effect of the subject’s finding him/herself in the relation to the opposition "part –whole” configured one way or another. The resource of the attainment of the pre-role determination is a voluntary acceptance of a secondary role, which takes form of the artistic utterance, in terms of both its creation and perception. The primary and the secondary role enter into the value system "whole – whole." The author posits the event of a voluntary acceptance of a secondary role as the meta-role event, since it is considered not in the context of externally motivated teleological act but rather as an event of ontological self-identity of a human being.
Description: Просцевичус В. Э. Метаэтическая доминанта русской литературы в историческом освещении : моногр. / В. Э. Просцевичус. - Киев : БВЛ, 2014. - 292 с.
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